Farm Holidays in Lana and environs
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Farm Holidays in Lana and environs

Vacation apartments on the farm in Lana and environs

Farm holidays in Lana and environs are increasingly popular. Families with children will especially enjoy this type of farm accommodation. Between forests, fields, and stalls, every day brings new adventures. Younger guests can experience milking a cow, petting rabbits, and helping to pick apples. Farm holidays in Lana and environsguarantees stress-free days in nature, as the houses are generally located in the middle of beautiful and isolated locations. There are also farms specializing in customized vacations. In addition to traditional fruit and livestock farms, there is also accommodation available at special organic farms, historic farms, or allergy-friendly farms in Lana and environs. For those who would like to hike in the high Alpine surroundings, accommodations are available at high-altitude mountain farms in Lana
and environs.

Quality criteria

  • utmost in hospitality
  • a taste of life on a real working farm
  • farm-fresh produce
  • genuine back-to-nature experience
  • small farms with maximum five holiday flats or eight double rooms

The number of flowers from 1 to 5 indicates quality and authenticity.