Live view from the blooming apple trees in South Tyrol
Live view from the blooming apple trees in South Tyrol
Experience the apple blossom in South Tyrol "live"
As the sprawling apple orchards in the Lana region of South Tyrol become cloaked in a sea of pink blossoms in spring, the stunning panorama is accompanied by the sounds of honeybees attracted to the sweet fragrances.
From the comfort of your home enjoy a time-lapse spectacle of South Tyrol's apple blossoming season – LIVE!
Watch the apple blossom in South Tyrol in a time-lapse here. Lana connects... even from afar!

When do the apple trees bloom in South Tyrol?
The exact timing of the apple blossom season in South Tyrol varies, heavily influenced by late winter and spring temperatures. Typically, the first buds burst into bloom around late March or early April.

And how long does the grand blossom show last?
That too depends on the weather conditions. On average, the trees showcase their floral attire for about ten days.

Did you know that...
• the Pink Lady® apple variety is the frontrunner of the apple blossom season? It flaunts its flowers before all others but is harvested last, in late autumn.
• more than 25 apple varieties thrive in the Lana region, from Golden Delicious to the "tropical" Scilate/envyTM, and the heavenly Cosmic Crisp®?
• approximately 6,000,000 apple trees grow in the Lana region, covering 1,700 hectares*?
• about 90,000 tons of apples are harvested each year*?

As spring arrives, we revel not only in the enchanting spectacle of South Tyrol's apple blossoms but also in the promise of a bountiful harvest come the later months of summer and into autumn.
*As of 2023