Uphill Vigiljoch

General description

Also from Lana to Vigiljoch there are two well-marked courses that challenge the ambitious hikers, one of them offers an additional variant.

Start is at the valley station of the cable car. The various trails lead initially for a short time in the direction of Marling Waalweg / Tscherms and then, east or west accordingly on the ways No. 33, 33 B and 34 steeply up to the Vigiljoch. About the self-explanatory Ochsentodweg No. 38 it goes in tight, steep turns uphill. Between 6.7 and 8.5 km measure the routes, which lead over 1200 Hm largely through the forest and therefore also offer in the hot summer months.

If the descent is too steep, you have the opportunity to float down to the valley once a day until 11 pm by cable car. Interested parties can buy a discounted 20-point card.

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