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Irrigation channel di Marlengo from Lana

10.5 km long, comfortable walk at 450 m altitude, above the villages of Lana, Tscherms and Marling. The entrance to the Waalweg is located in the Raffeingasse (entrance Ultental, after 100 m at Cafè Walter first right into the Villenerweg, after about 200 m left into the Raffeingasse to directly Waalweg). The Marling Waalweg is well signposted from the Ultnerstraße and easy to find.

The entrance via the Raffeinweg is paved, but rather steep (about 200 m), then the Waalweg flat and you will find various restaurants along the route.

Those who are not yet tired of the hike can take the Algunder Waalweg (end Marlinger Waalweg, across the road, cross the small bridge in the direction of Lagundo) and then the Tappeinerweg (to Merano center) in the hike.

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