LanaLive - ReThinking.Tradition

Matthias Schönweger: HEIMAT-TÖNE ... Sophie Lazeri: Bath of the Godess Bianca Lugmayr/Alex Kranabetter: Sewing trumpet – visual audio tracks DJ TEATIME (DJ-Set)

Matthias Schönweger is considered one of the most versatile artists on the South Tyrolean scene. He is a writer, visual artist and performer. In a playful and scientific approach to language and subject matter, he creates works of the most diverse "kind". Schönweger is characterised by his irony, which he brilliantly turns into the grotesque in his works by declaring even the worst kitsch to be a work of art. He reflects on historical stories from the past and present and uses them to generate numerous quiet still lifes in and out of words and images.

Sophie Lazeri is a person who communicates through art. Her work focuses on social, political and cultural phenomena, which she translates into a colourful mixture of patterns and forms, creating tools to educate and inform. The diversity of her work is as fluid as her nature: between graphics, illustration, painting, tattoos and performance, she finds ways to express herself.
As part of the cultural exchange, she will be showing a performance on the subject of "Selfcare", in which she celebrates the female body and its existence.

The artist Bianca Lugmayr deals intensively with language, materiality and abstraction in her work.Her signature is the fast, freely sewn line, which stands for liberation from perfectionism, raw beauty and the value of error.In her graphic text works, the act of production itself, the force of the sewing machine needle perforating the fabric, reinforces the power of the repetitively written words. What they have in common is the line and the textile grid as a pictorial medium.
An extension of her oeuvre is the auditory and visual performance with the sounds of the sewing machine and trumpet, which she developed together with the musician and composer Alex Kranabetter.He leaves the boundaries of conventional trumpet playing behind and creates music between free improvisation and electro-acoustic sound art.

DJ TEATIME, also known as Ella von Brandis, is a passionate music lover who has been spinning records since 2003.She was part of the Viennese DJ and promoter crew The Loud Minority.
DJ TEATIME's versatility stems from a broad musical spectrum. She knows how to mix jazz, hip hop, pop, disco, house and electronic music in such a way that she sensitively adapts to every mood and every occasion.
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