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Pianto della Madonna
Selva morale e spirituale, Claudio Monteverdi, Venezia 1640

Claudio Monteverdi: Selva Morale e Spirituale
A musical journey between heaven and earth
With the collection "Selva Morale e Spirituale", which Claudio Monteverdi published in 1640, the composer invites us on a profound exploration of the human spirit and divine worship. This extensive collection, compiled at the end of his career, not only reflects Monteverdi's mastery of the musical forms of his time, but also stands as a monumental testament to his innovative contributions to musical history.
Between tradition and innovation
Monteverdi, who is regarded as one of the last great madrigalists of the Renaissance and one of the first great opera composers of the Baroque period, skilfully combines the polyphonic splendour of the Renaissance with the expressive emotionality of the early Baroque in the "Selva morale e spirituale". The collection contains masses, motets, psalms and sacred madrigals intended for various liturgical occasions of the church year.
Each piece in the collection bears witness to Monteverdi's deep understanding of the human voice and his ability to imbue musical texts with extraordinary expressive depth. By combining traditional polyphony with the new, emotionally charged monody, Monteverdi created music that both touches the soul and challenges the intellect.
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