Reach Marlengo by bus
Reach Marlengo in South Tyrol by bus
Reach Marlengo by bus
Reach Merano and Environs in South Tyrol from Germany, Switzerland and Austria by bus.

From Munich: Meraner Land Express
Every Wednesday and Saturday from 11 March to 11 November 2023 there is a bus transfer from Munich central bus station (ZOB) to Marling/Marlengo. There is also a shuttle service to the accommodation and back.

INFORMAtion and booking      price one way from price round trip from
Marlengo Tourist office Marlengo Tel. +39 0473 447 147

€ 45,00  € 80,00 

For children up to 6 years free of charge. From 6-14 years 50% discount.
*Subject to change without notice.

At the tourist office of Marling/Marlengo.

Your bus connection from Switzerland to Merano.

Dates and prices 2021:
Every Saturday from 27th April until 30th October 2021
Return ticket CHF 180.00
One-way ticket CHF 120.00
Booking fee CHF 10.00

Südtirol Express, Egnach (CH)
Tel. +41 (0)71 298 11 11
Fax. +41 (0)71 298 09 17

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