History and Tradition in Marlengo
History and Tradition in Marlengo
On a green hill west of Merano, amidst the apple orchards and lush vineyards, lies the wine-growing village of Marlengo, with its long tradition.

Guests residing in the nearby spa town of Merano/Meran came to visit Marlengo/Marling as long ago as in the nineteenth century. Among them was the celebrated Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who was instrumental in bringing fame to Marlengo. In addition, the Empress also visited the Eggerhöfe farmsteads on Marlengo mountain. Known as the “English Ladies” in present day in South Tyrol, the Sisters of the Jesu Congregation kept a summer residence on the Eggerhöfe farmsteads.

Inspired by the sound of the church bells of Marlengo, in 1874 Franz Liszt composed his song: "Ihr Glocken von Marling” (“The Bells of Marlengo”). The tranquil atmosphere that the famous composer celebrated in his piece still persists today in Marlengo. From the centuries-old wine-producing village on the hills, visitors have a wonderful view of the spa town of Merano and the entire Merano basin, stretching as far as Mount Ifinger and the Merano 2000 ski area.

Situated near the spa town of Merano, Marlengo successfully blends tradition with innovation. In recognition it received the European Village Renewal Award in 2012.
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