Wellness & Vitality
Wellness & Vitality
The modern symbol of the spa town of Merano/Meran is above all the Terme Merano. With a bathing area featuring both indoor and outdoor pools, a Spa & Vital Center with a variety of treatments, and a sauna world, Terme Merano leaves nothing to be desired. A big tip for sun worshipers is the summer thermal park. The spa park offers plenty of space for a variety of swimming attractions and numerous sports facilities, but also serves as a place of rest.

In the 19th century, Merano became known throughout Europe as a health resort. Already at that time doctors recommended the comparatively dry winter climate of the city for various cures. In the 19th century, the city‘s walks and promenades were created, which continue to characterize Meran to this day and offer ideal conditions for walks all year round.

In the spa town with its well-kept promenades and extensive green areas, there is a mild, Alpine-Mediterranean climate, and magnolias, palm trees and cypresses stand in front of imposing mountain peaks. The noise of the Passer River, which flows through Merano and offers idyllic opportunities to relax along its shores, is also extremely charming. The high-quality Merano drinking water can be tasted at numerous wells.

The need for health and vitality is also reflected in several Merano event highlights throughout the year, such as the "Merano in Yoga" meeting or the Merano Spring events.
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