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Merano’s promenades and hiking trails

Thanks to its mild all year round climate, Merano/Meran has historically lent itself to leisurely strolls through its historical and natural urbanscape. Its manicured promenades and pathways run across the spa town where over 100 years ago Empress Elisabeth of Austria and much of the 19th Century European bourgeoisie would spend their summer holidays. Thanks to its salubrious climate many would spend the summer months in Merano recovering from illnesses. The spa town’s six promenades are lined with ornamental flowerbeds, sculpted trees, and plant arrangements. All this 19th Century charm wouldn’t be complete without Merano’s elegant cafés and ice-cream parlours, with the imposing art nouveau Kurhaus building dominating the town centre.

Merano’s walking and hiking trails
Within easy reach of the centre of the city, Merano’s hiking and walking trail systems stretch over more than 18 km. All well-maintained six trails remain open throughout the year and are accessible to prams and strollers. Lined with exotic plants from all over the world, the 19th Century Tappeinerweg botanical trail leads along the sunny slope of Merano's Küchelberg mountain. Above the roofs, the Tappeinerweg offers impressive views of the surrounding mountains. Leading from the Maia Alta/Obermais district to the village of Saltusio/Saltaus at the entrance to the Passeiertal Valley, the Maiser Waalweg irrigation channels trail is another of Merano’s most popular walks.

Qualified and knowledgeable local specialists are available and ready to guide visitors through Merano’s fascinating paths and trails.
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