Walking in Merano

Promenades and walking trails in Merano

Elegant promenades and walking trails in Merano/Meran pass through the center of the spa town. In the 19th century, the Merano health resort was frequented by Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) of Austria and other nobility from around Europe during their summer holidays.

The Passerpromenade, the Sommerpromenade and Winterpromenade promenades – to mention only the most celebrated of the city’s main public walkways – work beautifully in combination with the Waalwege trails along ancient irrigation channels and numerous other hikes at both low and high altitudes.

Hiking and Walking Trails in Merano
The six hiking trails around the spa town are within easy access from the center. The walking trails totaling 18 km are sufficiently level for strollers and prams all year round. Among these is the botanical Tappeinerweg trail, which follows the sunny slope of the Merano Küchelberg.

There are hiking tours with qualified nature and landscape guides on the walking trails around Merano.
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