Drinking Water
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Drinking Water
💧 Merano's tap water is of the highest quality, with 95% coming from springs in the valleys surrounding Merano. You can drink the tap water in holiday apartments, hotels, and elsewhere without any safety concerns!

💧 There are 69 designated drinking fountains throughout Merano. These can be easily located using the Refill app, visiting the refill.bz.it website, or just find out at the Merano information office.

💧 To reduce the volume of plastic waste refill your water bottles at the drinking fountains. Using tap water helps protect the environment by eliminating the need for packaging and reducing transportation distances. Did you know that a reusable 500 ml aluminium water bottle generates only 26.07 grams of CO2, whereas a 500 ml commercial plastic bottle of water produces 428.71 grams of CO2 (manufacturing and transportation included)?

💧 Water is a precious resource and well-considered practices help prevent wastage.