The Tappeiner Trail
The Tappeiner Trail
The Tappeiner Trail is one of the longest and most beautiful high-level promenades in Europe.

The Tappeiner Trail owes its name to one of Merano's largest benefactors, the spa physician, anthropologist and botanist Dr Franz Tappeiner (1816-1902). His generous donations allowed the promenade to be built in three sections in 1893, 1911 and 1928. 

Warmth-loving cypresses and pines give the Tappeiner Trail its character. 
Things to see

1. The Gunpowder Tower
The Gunpowder Tower was originally part of a medieval fortification. In the 18th century it was used for storing gunpowder, hence its name. Its unique position makes the tower visible from afar: it marks the start of the Tappeiner Trail. The Powder Tower is open to visitors, and from its battlements offers magnificent views of Merano.

2. The public herb garden
South Tyrol’s only public herb garden was created in 2002 and comprises 250 beds containing 230 different types of herbs and aromatic perennials. The garden’s favorable location and Merano’s mild climate make plant life here quite rich, with colors and aromas that are truly intoxicating, especially in spring.

3. The glacial abrasions
These witnesses to primeval forces indicate how the surrounding landscape was formed. Glacial abrasion is the result of the movement of glaciers. The constant flow of the glacial masses planed and smoothed the rock, while stones frozen in the ice carved deep grooves into the underlying rocks. Here, at the Tappeiner Trail, evidence of these glacial actions can clearly be seen in the hard gneiss stone.

4. The Mediterranean Terraces
The entrance to the Tappeiner Trail in close proximity to the Prince’s Castle (Via Galilei) features a series of small, almost hidden terraces, which can be used as an alternative to the winding main path. Steep stone steps lead up to the platforms, which can hardly be seen from the entrance as the slopes are thickly overgrown with flowering prickly pear and winter jasmine. Pines, hemp palms, oleanders, and rockroses create a microcosm of southern European vegetation.

5. The Scented Garden
The Scented Garden is accessible via a narrow stone stairway. Surrounded by scented flowering bushes, one can rest on the wide terrace on old, pastel-white benches in complete detachment (yet just a short distance) from the busy Tappeiner Trail. The evergreen, majestic mountain laurel trees, a rarity outside Merano, are a further attraction of the Scented Garden. If you rub its leaves, the strong odor will remind you of the common bay tree, although the mountain laurel is not suitable for cooking.

6. The Belvedere
Who knows whether this rocky outcrop, next to which the Tappeiner Trail winds along the Küchelberg, was deliberately chosen as a lookout point. Whatever the reason, just a few steps lead up to wonderful views. The Belvedere is situated close to the end of the Tappeiner Trail in Gratsch near St. Peter. Those desiring more exercise can continue along the Algunder Waalweg, a path that follows an ancient irrigation channel.