Merano Racecourse
The first horse race in Merano

The first horse race took place on April 7, 1886, during Easter week, on the lawn of the former Grand Hotel Meranerhof in Merano. Three races were performed in front of an unexpectedly large audience: the Haflinger gallop race, the Gentlemen Riders race and a rustic race (a mixture of the first two categories). For the Haflinger horse race, the farmers presented themselves in their traditional costume. Even today the farmers appear in their magnificent traditional costumes at the galloping race of the Haflinger horses, which takes place every year on Easter Monday. The Haflinger gallop race takes place on Easter Monday.
Sports area Merano-Maia

Thanks to the unexpected success of the first horse races, the new Merano-Maia sports area was opened in 1900. Several international races took place there in the same year, including the now traditional Haflinger gallop race, which attracted participants and audiences from all countries.
The Merano Racecourse

Due to the First World War, horse racing stopped abruptly in Merano. In the post-war period, the new fascist regime commissioned the architect Paolo Vietti Violi to plan the new racecourse, which was majestically inaugurated on August 30, 1935. The stands were built in the typical rationalist style. The first "Corsa dei milioni" took place there on October 20, 1935 - this competition, known as the "Grand Prix of Merano", is still held today.
Interesting facts

- The former Grand Hotel Meranerhof was located where the Terme Merano is located today
- The Merano-Maia sports area was located where the Merano tennis facility and the campsite are today. There also took place, on April 28, 1901, the first football match played in South Tyrol. In the sports area it was also possible to play sports such as golf, tennis, polo and hockey.
- The Merano racecourse, with its 40 hectares and the 5 km long race track, is one of the largest racecourses in Europe.