Mindful holidays
Designed for and within the Future
Mindful holidays
“Nothing is enough to the man for whom enough is too little.”
Epicurus of Samos (341-271 BC), Greek Philosopher

As simple and ancient as Epicurus's principle may be, it's remarkably forward-thinking for shaping a new way of life and experience. Far from perfect but moving in the right direction, Merano presents a wealth of opportunities for mindful exploration while allowing for generous enjoyment.

Merano Vitae, for instance, presents a plethora of activities that awaken the senses and attune the eyes and ears to what urban nature has to offer. It begins with keen observation, leading the observant to realize that not only humans but also flora and fauna are central to the garden city's ethos. The same principle applies to every trail ascending into the mountains, where wildlife and plant life rely more than ever on human care and diligence. Avoiding litter, adhering to established trails, showing respect for wildlife, and more, are part of this commitment.

In the city, sustainability means venturing beyond the beaten path. It's about exploring the villa district in Maia Alta/Obermais with its lavish gardens, discovering the hidden gem of Maria Trost Church in the underrated Maia Bassa/Untermais district, or wandering to the furthest reaches of the Tappeinerweg trail up to Quarazze/Gratsch. All these are accessible by bike, on foot, or via an efficient public transport network. Buses and trains offer a convenient way to reach the spa town.

Within the heart of the city, both the Municipality of Merano and the Merano Tourist Office host a range of eco-friendly Green Events. Striving for maximum sustainability, their goal is to optimally utilize existing resources for the communal good.