WLAN Connections in Merano
Wi-Fi in Merano
WLAN Connections in Merano
Free Internet in Merano... Here you find a list of Hotspots for your notebook or smartphone.
Hotspots Wi-Fi

In Merano there are several hotspots (public wireless Internet access points) that are accessible to everyone. They are installed in the following areas of the city centre:

Corso Libertà (nei pressi del Kurhaus)
Passeggiata Lungopassirio (nei pressi del Kurhaus)
Piazza Terme
Parcheggio Municipio
Biblioteca civica (all'interno)
Piazza Fontana
Parco della stazione

How to connect

1. activate the Wi-Fi on your device
2. choose the network "Free-WIFI-Meran-Merano"
3. the login window appears. If the window does not appear, you can alternatively open any website, for example www.merano.eu
4. click "login"

NB: Registration or password is not required

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