Merano FAQ
Frequent questions and answers about Merano
Merano FAQ

Merano FAQ

Frequent questions and answers about Merano

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are a list of the most common questions visitors ask when planning holidays in Merano. Questions and answers can be found in this section.
How and where can I order brochures about accommodations?
Brochures about accommodations may be ordered via our Website or via telephone by calling: +39 0473 272000.
When is the Merano Grape Festival?
The Merano Grape Festival generally takes place the third weekend in October. The third Sunday of the month is always the main date to bear in mind. For more information, please visit the following link.
Is Merano’s weekly Friday market also held on holidays?
Yes, the weekly market in Merano also takes place on holidays.
Can one visit the Kurhaus?
Individuals may not visit the Kurhaus building unless they attend an event that takes place inside.
Is concerts held at the Kurhaus?
In spring and autumn on certain Sundays, South Tyrol’s bands give concerts inside the Kursaal (Concert Hall). Admission is free of charge.
Is there a movie theatre in Merano?
Yes, the cinema is located at the Via delle Corse/Rennweg 25 (Galleria Ariston). For more information, please visit the following link.
When does the Merano Christmas Market take place?
The Merano Christmas Market is open daily from the end of November until the beginning of January (excluding 25th December). Modifications reserved.
Where can I buy a single-ride ticket for the city bus?
Single tickets for the city bus (€ 1.50) can be purchased at the ticket machine directly on the bus. Please be sure that that you have enough coins with you: the machine does not accept bills and does not give change. The bus office, located at Via delle Corse/Rennweg 82, also sells single bus tickets.
Where are the entry points to the Tappeinerweg Trail?
Ponte Romano (Steinerner Steg) Bridge, Gilf Promenade (continuation of the Passer Promenade), the stairs behind the Duomo (Parish Church of St. Nicholas), Via Galilei (Galilei-Straße) Road, the Schlehdorfweg Trail off of Via Verdi (Verdi-Straße) Road, and in Quarazze (Gratsch). For more information click here.
What are the average temperatures in Merano throughout the year?
- March: between 2 and 15 degrees C
- April: between 7 and 20 degrees C
- May: between 10 and 23 degrees C
- June: between 12 and 26 degrees C
- July: between 14 and 23 degrees C
- August: between 10 and 22 degrees C
- September: between 11 and 26 degrees C
- October: between 5 and 18 degrees C
- November: between -1 and 11 degrees C
- December: between -3 and 6 degrees C
- January: between -5 and 5 degrees C
- February: between -2 and 8 degrees C
What is Merano’s elevation?
The city centre is situated at about 324 metres above sea level.
Are wine tastings offered in Merano?
Rametz Castle Winery: wine tastings & tours of its winegrowing Museum
Wine tastings available upon request: Meran Bürggräffler Winery, Pur Südtirol (specialty shop selling only local products), and the Meraner Weinhaus (wine store).
What is Merano 2000 (Meran 2000)?
Merano 2000 is a ski and hiking area located above town, at an elevation of about 2,000 metres.
When do the apple blossoms bloom in Merano and environs?
The apple trees in Merano and environs bloom between late March and late April. The timing depends very much on the weather and the temperatures.
Which bus do I take to get to the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle?
Bus lines 1B and 4 run to Trauttmansdorff from the train station and from along Corso Libertà (Freiheitsstraße) Street. A single bus ticket costs € 1.50 and can be purchased onboard: the ticket machine accepts only coins and does not give change.
Are dogs allowed at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle?
Sorry, no pets are allowed inside the botanical gardens.
When is Törggelen season?
Törggelen parties – a local tradition featuring the season’s new wine, hearty local food and roasted chestnuts – begin taking place in early October and continue until mid-November.
Which cable cars are included in the BusCard?
None. The BusCard is valid only on buses within the Merano & Environs area.