TuesdayNight in Merano

TuesdayNight in Merano

Shows, open-air performances and live music galore

The summer program of Merano would not be complete without the very popular event series "TuesdayNight".

It's the cult date of the Merano Summer: when the sun goes down on Tuesday evenings, in Merano the light of concerts, events and good entertainment shines! The series of events has captured the hearts of the people of Merano and guests alike, who flock to the city centre, together with people from the surrounding area, to celebrate the joy of summer. It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to get to know the city and its inhabitants better.

Concerts will take place at various locations in the city centre from July 16 to August 20. Further information will be published shortly.
7/16/2024 18:30 - 23:00 | + more dates

TuesdayNight in Merano 2024

Tuesday evenings in the city centre.

It's the cult date of the Merano summer: the Tuesday evenings begin when the sun has just set. Concerts, events, good entertainment! In the meantime, the Tuesday Evenings have played their way into the hearts of the people of Merano/Meran and bring people together who might never have met without these musical summer evenings.
DATES: July, 16th + 23rd + 30st , August 6th + 13rd + 20st.
7/16 - 8/20/2024 18:30 - 23:00
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