Running routes through Merano
Between Merano/Meran and the villages of Tirolo/Dorf Tirol, Scena/Schenna, Rifiano/Riffian and Caines/Kuens, four well signposted routes have been created, where walkers, joggers, Nordic walkers and sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth. These routes run along promenades and footpaths, through green areas and forests, and along the picturesque riverbank of the Passer. They have different levels of difficulty (from easy to intermediate) and lengths (ranging from 2 – 10 kilometers).

The route of the annual half-marathon Merano-Lagundo takes participants from the upper Corso della Libertà/Freiheitsstrasse street in Merano to Lagundo/Algund and back. The support program of the half marathon includes a "Fitness Run" over a distance of 12.5 kilometers and a "Run4Fun" for amateur runners (distance: 4.2 km).
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