About us
About us

The Merano Tourist Office (Azienda di Cura, Soggiorno e Turismo) is tasked with promoting tourism and supporting the general development of the city. The tourist office is a structure organised to guarantee Merano’s character as a holiday destination and to be a major driving force for the economy as well as a platform for developing tourism in the greater Merano area.
Responsibilities of the Merano Tourist Office
The Merano Tourist Office shall perform the following specific tasks:
  • Establish information services and provide assistance to tourists
  • Create and improve facilities and services of interest to tourists
  • Promote, implement and coordinate events of interest to tourists
  • Increase the value of Merano’s landscape, artistic heritage and historical legacy
  • Provide for statistical analyses relating to overnight stays in hotels and other lodging establishments
  • Carry out the tasks entrusted to it by the province or the municipality in order to achieve the tourism objectives and using the financial means that are made available by such institutions from time to time
  • Develop both core and whole products for tourism that contribute to the promotion of the area
  • Perform activities similar, related to and pertaining to those listed here, including commercial activities related to the activities listed above