Hotels in Passeiertal Valley

Hotel holidays in Passeiertal Valley: for families, action-loving holidaymakers and romantic getaways

The hotels in the Passeiertal Valley are as diverse as the local landscape, and as the wishes and needs of the people who come here on holiday. Besides exclusive 4 and 5-star hotels with extensive spa and sauna areas, gourmet restaurants and golf courses, there are also numerous hotels in the Passeiertal Valley which cater to the special needs of walkers, cyclists and families. Vitalpina and Belvita hotels can also be found here. There is also an excellent range of small but beautiful 3-star hotels – first rate facilities, delicious cuisine and great value for money are the norm here. Various hotels in the Passeiertal Valley also cater to special requirements, offering vegan, gluten-free or histamine-free meals, rooms for allergy sufferers, or the option to bring your cat or dog.