bad weather tips
bad weather tips
When the weather sometimes doesn't play ball, many people like to go to Meran/Merano or Bolzano/Bozen. If we are honest, we know that the towns are usually overcrowded on such days. Traffic jams, waiting times and dissatisfaction among guests are common.

Passeiertal Valley offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed even in bad weather.
Here are a few tips:
- Visit the local museums such as the Passeier Museum, Bunker Mooseum, Stieber Mooseum
- Stay in the sports arena in St. Leonhard (climbing hall, bowling alley, tennis)
- Short stroll through the village (sports shops, footwear, etc.)
- Visit to the Passir winery, Martinerhof brewery, Wezl private distillery or Obergereuth
- Stay at the Quellenhof riding centre
- Culinary journey through the restaurants
- DaySpa
- In moderate weather, a cable car ride up the mountain and a stop at a nearby mountain hut can also be an attraction