Nature and culture in Passeiertal Valley

Nature and culture up close in the Passeiertal Valley

The natural and cultural landscape in the Passeiertal Valley boasts many treasures: abundant meadows and orchards alternate with lush alpine pastures, whilst majestic mountains such as the Hirzer and the Seelenkogel rise imposingly in the background. And dotted through the landscape you will find countless buildings, churches and monuments of architectural and historic interest. Jaufenburg Castle, Sandwirt Inn, the historic Schildhöfe aristocratic estates, pilgrimage churches and many other places of interest testify to the eventful history of the Val Passiria Valley. Museums such as MuseumPasseier in St.Leomhard/ S. Leonardo, the Bunker Mooseum in Moos/ Moso and the Schneeberg Mining Museum offer fascinating glimpses into ways of life in the valley. But the Passeiertal Valley, with its richly diverse landscape and culture, is also characterised by tradition and customs, contemporary culture and music.
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