Forest walk with Evi

Who needs a gym when nature has so much to offer?

During the forest and water walk with sports scientist and movement trainer Evi Kerschbaumer, we strengthen our torso muscles, back and core and, incidentally, our immune system. Soft moss, gnarled roots and resinous trees come to our aid, while stretching, coordination and mindfulness exercises round off the versatile outdoor training.

Breathe in the fresh forest air, let the calming green have an effect on you and do something good for your health ... With great tips for everyday life!

Target group: Old and young, big and small, fit and those who would like to become fit - all are very welcome
Number of participants: min. 2 - limited number of participants
What to bring: comfortable, sporty clothes and shoes, possibly an umbrella or rain protection
Note: The event is held in German and Italian.
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