Discover the magic of country life: why a farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran is just right for you Discover the magic of country life: why a farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran is just right for you

Discover the magic of country life: why a farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran is just right for you

Are you dreaming of a break close to nature? A farm holiday promises just that and much more! In the midst of the idyllic and rural landscape of Hafling and Vöran on the Tschögglberg above Meran in South Tyrol, you can experience the magic of country life up close and share unforgettable moments with your family.

Experience the variety: Activities for young and old on a farm holiday

A farm holiday opens up a world full of discoveries and experiences. Here in Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000, a variety of activities await you that will delight young and old alike. From exciting guided farm tours to fun hands-on activities for the little ones - boredom is guaranteed not to be an issue here. Experience authentic country life up close and enjoy the varied activities on offer at the farms in Hafling and Vöran. At the end of the day, you will look back on unforgettable memories with your family.

Pure nature: relaxation and recreation amidst the mountains

Nestled in the gentle mountain landscape of the high plateau above Meran, a farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran offers an oasis of peace and relaxation. Here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy unspoilt nature to the full. The clear mountain air, the gentle rustling of the trees and the breathtaking views are just the right environment to harmonise body and soul. Walk along picturesque alpine pastures, explore hidden forest trails or simply relax on a sunny meadow - here you will find the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.

Culinary highlights: Delightful moments on a farm holiday

A feast for the palate and senses awaits you on a farm holiday. The culinary highlights of this region leave nothing to be desired. From freshly picked berries to homemade specialities - every bite is a delight here. You will find what you are looking for in small sales corners or real farm shops: take the opportunity to sample the farm's own produce and be inspired by the variety of regional cuisine. A holiday on a farm is not only relaxation for the soul, but also a journey for the palate - a true feast for the senses awaits you!

Authentic experience: tradition and culture up close on a farm holiday

Wrapped in the scent of fresh hay and surrounded by lovingly maintained rustic buildings, you can immerse yourself in tradition and culture on a farm holiday. In Hafling and Vöran, you can experience authentic country life up close and feel the connection to the history and customs of the region. From the festive traditional costumes to the time-honoured craftsmanship – every moment on the farm is a living reflection of the past and present. The stories of the hosts are the story of the rural way of life. Look forward to an authentic experience that touches your senses and warms your heart.

Animal encounters: Closeness to nature and animals on a farm holiday

Let the sun wake you up early in the morning and listen to the gentle neighing of the horses. A holiday on a farm means not only idyllic landscapes, but also unforgettable animal encounters. In Hafling and Vöran, you can feel the closeness to nature and experience the animals up close. Gently stroke the soft fur of the cows, watch the curious goats or play with the cute kittens. You might even get to help the farmer with feeding the animals or other farm work. These authentic moments create a special bond with nature and your hosts and allow you to leave everyday life far behind.

Family-friendly: why a farm holiday is ideal for the whole family

A holiday on a farm is like a journey into another world, where the whole family can experience unforgettable moments together. The idyllic atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, offers children and adults alike the opportunity to experience country life up close. Here, children can explore nature, experience animals and learn about everyday life on a farm. At the same time, parents can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while their children play in a safe environment. The hosts on the farms are welcoming and make sure that young and old feel equally at home. A farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran therefore not only promises adventure and fun for the little ones, but also relaxation and togetherness for the whole family.

Active recreation: sports and leisure activities for variety on a farm holiday

Imagine breathing in the fresh country air in the morning and then setting off for an active day full of exciting activities on and around the farm. In Hafling and Vöran, a wide range of sports and leisure activities await you, providing variety and fun. Whether you like hiking, cycling or want to take riding lessons, there is something for everyone here. Enjoy nature while jogging along the green meadows or relax during yoga with a view of the majestic mountains. A farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran promises not only relaxation, but also active moments of relaxation that bring body and soul into harmony.

Romantic time out: pampering programme for couples on a farm holiday

In the middle of the picturesque landscape of Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000, a romantic break in a class of its own awaits you as a couple. On a farm holiday, you can look forward to a pampering programme that will make your hearts beat faster. Surrounded by idyllic farms and the natural beauty of the region, you can enjoy peace and relaxation together. Let yourself be enchanted by the romantic atmosphere and immerse yourself in the world of a country holiday where you can concentrate on each other. Enjoy time together on long walks through the green meadows or let yourselves be pampered in one of the cosy accommodations. A farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran promises unforgettable moments of togetherness in the midst of a unique setting.

Conclusion: An unforgettable experience - why a farm holiday in Avelengo and Verano is just right for you!

A farm holiday in Hafling and Vöran promises an unforgettable break in the midst of nature. Here, guests of all ages will find relaxation and adventure in equal measure. The variety of farms offers authentic experiences for the whole family. Home-made products are not only a welcome souvenir for loved ones at home, but also an invaluable added value for your holiday. Children can look forward to animal encounters and discovering nature through play. For couples, this holiday offers romantic hours and a relaxing break from everyday life. A farm holiday is not just a trend, but a valuable opportunity to find peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle.
Tourismusverein Hafling-Vöran-Meran 2000 | 5/23/2024
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