Flower salad on trout filet
Flower salad
8 Pansies
4 marigold flowers
8 borage flowers
8 mullein flowers
3 tablespoons chervil, plucked
20 g cress
20 g rocket salad
20 g bird salad
20 g frisée salad

20 ml white wine or champagne vinegar
30 ml cider vinegar
30 ml water 
50 ml olive oil
30 ml sesame oil
Pepper from the mill

Further information
4 cooked Trout filets

Flower salad
Clean pansy, marigold, borage and mullein flowers and pluck the petals.
Wash, pluck and dry chervil, cress, rocket, bird and frisée salad.

Mix the white wine and apple vinegar and water well, then slowly stir the olive and sesame oil into the vinegar mixture until a homogenous mass is formed.
Season with salt and pepper. 


  • Skin the cooked (about 5 minutes) Trout filets and arrange on plates.
  • Add the plucked flowers and salads with the salad dressing and pour over Trout filets. Pour over the remaining dressing and serve.


  • You can also use various other edible flowers depending on the season, such as dandelion, nasturtium, clover, sunflower, primrose, jasmine, mallow, rose, chives, etc. But watch out for poisonous plants, not all flowers are edible!
  • In autumn and winter you can use dried flowers. 
  • Also try the salad with char, salmon, turbot or prawns.
  • A balsamico or horseradish dressing also goes very well.
  • If it is the season, you can also add porcini mushrooms or chanterelles. White beets, slices of tomato or cucumber would also fit.

Source: Heinrich Gasteiger

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