Of Cogs, Gems and Other Rarities.

Of Cogs, Gems and Other Rarities.

A History of Lana’s Plunger Jewellery and Watchmaking

Founded in 1907 by Franz Plunger, an expert watchmaker who died during WWI, Plunger Jewellery and Watchmaking has come a long way. Based in the city centre of Lana and now run by Franz’s son Günter together with wife Karina, daughter Sandra and son-in-law Kevin, Plunger creates, repairs and sells authentic gems. Modern-looking and strong in their build, Plunger’s jewels and watches are the expression of the family’s passion for the elegant and the contemporary. Rigorously hand-made, all creations are presented in carefully thought-out packaging that populate a shop speaking of their 
making and emphasising their magic. Sandra also has her personal brand: morgentau. Inspired by the freshness of morning drew, she designs clean and refined jewels with a character. As such, Plunger sits with equal comfort in the local dimension of Lana and in the international scene of jewellery making. For when the true rarity is that of the makers rather than the materials, no jewel is worth enough.
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