Acquaterra Rafting Südtirol

One of the youngest Alpine sports is rafting. The boat is steered across white waters, rivers and rapids. Rafting now makes the rivers Passer and Adige accessible for anyone in the mood for adventure, and who isn't afraid to get a little wet. Anyone, who has ever experienced rafting, will never look at a river the same way again. See for yourselves!

You need no specific skills for rafting - only a love for the element water. Naturally, all tours are accompanied by professional guides, who tailor each tour to the wishes of the rafters, and who guide them through the various waterways. Family rafting is on offer during the months of July and August.

Merano (approx. 7 minutes from Lana) is not only famous for rafting, but also for its canoeing stretches, where international competitions are held periodically.

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