Lana Sculpture Walk Trail

The sculpture trail at the foothills of the Nonsberggruppe leads from Niederlana to the Gaulschlucht gorge and along the Ländpromenade to the Falschauer biotope

General description

Lana does not own a museum for contemporary art but it has a unique Sculpture Walk Trail leading many kilometres along the whole beautiful Brandis Waalweg and the Ländpromenade to the biotope of the river Valsura and on through the Gola Canyon. This exceptional land art project features open air art works and is continually extended.

Hikers and art enthusiast that take the South Tyrolean Sculpture Walk Trail can experience how artists from all over the world reacted on the given landscape and the changing conditions along the track and how differently they interpreted the nature in their individual works. These art exhibition sites are perfect resting spots and at the same time provide a space for contemplation and self-discovery.

The Sculpture Walk Trail's true nature is best experienced as a journey at an easy stroll. Selected works were placed in key locations, such as crossroads and forks, as a way for walkers to navigate and be spurred on by the works of art. Those who take it slow will be rewarded as the trail reveals the interaction between nature and sculpture - a delight for the eyes, intellect and spirit.

Route description

The start of the Sculpture Trail takes place in Niederlana. On the Brandiswaalweg in northern direction to Oberlana. Here at the bridge into the Gaulschlucht and back again. Then it goes along the country promenade up to the Falschauer biotope near the industrial zone Lana. The way back is on the way to Lana and the Brandiswaalweg back to Niederlana.

Description to arrive at destination

From Merano direction Lana to the centre of Lana or to the parish church in Niederlana


Depending on the starting point at the parish church in Niederlana or in the centre of Lana

Public transport

Bus line 211 (Lana-Meran), Bus line 214 (Lana-Völlan), Bus line 215 (Citybus Lana), Bus line 218 (Lanabus), Bus line 245 (Meran-Lana-Ulten), Bus line 246 (Meran-Lana-Gampenpass)
You can find current timetables at:


comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers

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