From Malles to Marlengo along the Etschradroute Cycle Track

A family cycling trip across the valley Vinschgau/Val Venosta

General description

An easy family cycling trip across the valley Vinschgau/Val Venosta back to Marling/Marlengo.

Route description

The 60 km Etschradroute track runs slightly downhill from Mals/Malles in the Upper Venosta Valley to Marling/Marlengo. To get to Mals/Malles take the Venosta Valley  train at the Marlengo­ railway station, which takes just over an hour. You can rent a cycle at the Mals/Malles station and later return it at the Meran/Merano station at the end of the ride. It’s as easy as that! If you have your own bike, then take note of the services offered at the train stations, (including the bike shuttle service at the Meran/Merano station).

The first section of the cycle track begins in Mals/Malles and leads through the small and attractive medieval town of Glurns/Glorenza, with its the outer walls still intact. The route continues along the Etsch/Adige river through the valley Vinschgau/Val Venosta towards Meran/Merano through a varied landscape including the protected wetlands. Rental cycles can be dropped off at any of the railway stations along the length of the Venosta Valley including Spondinig/Spondiga, Schlanders/Silandro, Latsch/Laces, Naturns/Naturno, as well as Meran/Merano. After the downhill ride from Algund/Lagundo past the public swimming pool, continue along the route to Meran/Merano (the final stop on the valley Vinschgau/Val Venosta railway line, where your rental cycle can also be returned). Turn right and head over the Holzbrücke bridge towards the village of Forst/Foresta, well-known to locals for its brewery. Cross the main road and turn west onto the Nörderstr./Via Tramontana street to the Marling/Marlengo town center. If you already returned your rental cycle, you can reach Marling/Marlengo by bus or by train.

The approximately 4-hour Etschradroute bike route is about 60 km long with an elevation level of some 700 m.

Description to arrive at destination

The Marling/Marlengo railway station is located roughly 1 km from the main square in the direction of Lagundo. Ride on the comfortable Venosta Valley train in one of the new coaches all the way to Mals/Malles in the Upper Venosta Valley.


On the public car park next to the station of Marling/Marlengo can be parked for free for 120 minutes (with parking ticket!). For a longer parking time parking tickets can be solved (0,50 € / hr), whereby two hours are always free.

Public transport

The railway line 250 goes direct from Marling/Marlengo to Mals/Malles in about 70 minutes.

Safety instructions

Good to know:

  • emergency call 112
  • weather report:
  • timetable:

The suitable bicycle clothing including bicycle helmet, sun protection and sufficient drinking is presupposed.

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