Innerhütt Cross-Country Ski Trail

A 5 km cross-country ski-run for beginners and advanced skiers – both skating and classic. It starts at the Gasthof Innerhütt: with parking lot, a bus stop and guest hospitality.

General description

On Thursdays (from January), between 5.30 and 9.30 pm, certain sections of the trail are lit up.

Day-Pass: € 5 · Season Ticket: € 35 - available at the inn Innerhütt

Route description
The Innerhütt cross-country ski run is divided into two interconnected sections of various difficulty-levels:

A) The 3 km cross-country trail is suited to beginners and makes for a leisurely ski hike. Starting at the Gasthof Innerhütt Inn, the trail enters the valley from the southeast, taking in a number of detours before returning to the start. There aren’t any particular challenges along the way, either on the ascent nor the descent. The last stretch, however, has a short descent followed by a rapid ascent. You can skip this last section by crossing the road and either following a different detour or heading to the nearby end-point. The total elevation difference between the ascent and descent is 25 m – across the 3 km course.

B) This 2 km-long cross-country circuit is more suited to seasoned and hardy cross-country skiers. From the starting point at the Gasthof Innerhütt Inn, the trail extends northwest with moderately difficult climbs of different lengths. There are also two short, rapid descents and a longer stretch that glides down a slight gradient. If you take the shortcut from the highest point, you can avoid the trickier fast descents. The total elevation difference between the ascent and descent is 45 m – along the 2 km course.


Source: Heinz Widmann -

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass and Moos/Moso until Innerhütt.


The Gasthof Innerhütt Inn offers free parking.

Public transport

There is a bus stop nearby.

Safety instructions

After entering the valley and on the way back out again, there’s a sparsely frequented road crossing. This is usually covered in snow, facilitating movement on skis.

The Gasthof Innerhütt rents out cross-country skis to visitors.
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