Ski Tour to the Rötenspitze Peak (2,878 m)

General description
Moderately difficult ski tour

Time of the year: the whole winter

Possible refreshment stop: Bergkristall inn
Route description

Follow the forest road at the beginning until just before the mountain hut Faltmaralm, then continue across the valley floor in wide loops in a westerly direction, across numerous upturns to the summit area, which is relatively steep. On the peak, a pyramid has been constructed, which offers protection from inclement weather. The view from here is fantastic.
Descent: the summit slope is a bit rocky, but from here one can enjoy a fantastic ski-descent if enough snow is available. Pick up speed at the end of the valley, because the terrain here heading towards the Alpine farm is relatively flat.

Source: "Skitouren und Schneeschuhwandern in Passeier" - Pub. Verlag.Passeier

description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo and Moso / Moos until Plan / Pfelders.

Parking is available in the car park of the Bergkristall inn.
Safety instructions
Always be informed about snow conditions and avalanche risk before setting off.
As with any ski tour, you should always have all your ski touring equipment with you.
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