Fishing in the Passeiertal Valley

In order to fish in Italy or South Tyrol, you first need to buy an Italian fishing licence. This costs 40 Euros (identity card or passport is necessary) and is valid for 10 years in the whole of South Tyrol and Italy.

In addition to the licence, you also need a day ticket. For the stretch of water from Quellenhof to St. Leonhard, the cost is 35 Euros or 45 Euros per day. The day tickets can be obtained at the Tourist Office of St. Leonhard and St. Martin.

It is not allowed to take „marble trouts”.

Other fishing waters in the Passeiertal Valley:

· Fish pond at the Sandhof (the governmental licence is not necessary)
· Moos - Pfelders
· Seebersee Lake
· Großer Schwarzsee Lake (Timmels)
· Kleiner Schwarzsee Lake (Schneeberg)

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