Bike Paths
Explore the Vinschgau, Passeiertal and Etschtal Valleys
Bike Paths

Bike Paths

Explore the Vinschgau, Passeiertal and Etschtal Valleys

Merano/Meran is the starting point for three bike paths leading through highly idyllic and picturesque landscapes.


Distance: 56 km; Difference in altitude: approx. 700 m.

From Merano you can take advantage of many of the features included in the combination "bike and train" in the direction Vinschgau Valley: the Vinschgau Valley Train offers beautiful impressions of the surrounding landscape. At the end station of Malles/Mals (56 km from Merano) you can rent a bike at the local "Südtirol Rad" or "Papin Sport" rental point, return to Meran on a well-maintained bike path, and return the bike at the Merano train station. If the way back proves too long, you can also return the bike at any rental point "Südtirol Rad" (at the stations Spondigna/Spondinig, Silandro/Schlanders, Laces/Latsch or Naturno/Naturns) or "Papin Sport" (in Prato/Prad, Silandro/Schlanders or Naturno/Naturns) and continue the journey back to Merano by train.

From Malles a second bike path (length: 20 km) leads to the Reschenpass mountain pass (500 m difference in altitude). There is also a "Südtirol Rad" rental office there.

Those who prefer to use their own bikes can also transport them by train during the off-season. From May to October a bicycle shuttle service is offered.


Distance: approx. 20 km; Difference in altitude: 370 m.

From the center of Merano, a slightly ascending and mostly naturally situated cycle path leads along the Passer River to S. Leonardo/St. Leonhard. The path does not lead directly through the villages on the route, but it is possible to branch off into all the villages.


Distance: about 30 kilometers; Difference in height: negligible.

From Merano you can reach Bolzano/Bozen via the Etschtalradweg cycle path in a highly pleasant way. Here it is also possible to rent a bike at the "Südtirol Rad" or "Papin Sport" rental stations at Merano train station and return it later to the rental office at Piazza Verdi/Verdiplatz square (Südtirol Rad) or at Piazza Stazione/Bahnhofsplatz square (Papin Sport) in Bolzano. The return trip to Merano can also be made by train.
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