Bike Sharing in Meran/Merano

Available at these locations:

  • Kornplatz Square
  • Sandplatz Square
  • Untermais train station
  • Meran train station (at the bus stop)
  • Meran train station (at he exit of the underpass)
  • Piave street (at the bus turnaround next to the Therme)
  • Hospital (by the main entrance)

Flexibility in transports, reduction of fuel consumption and therefore of harmful emissions, less traffic jams and more good health: the bike sharing service contributes to all this. Since last October, you can find 60 bycicles with smart lock in 7 points of the city. To open your lock and enjoy the bike for free, for up to 5 hours, you have to book it through an app you download in your smartphone. You may give the bike back in any one of the four points.

Further information:
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