Bike Highline Meran/o

General description

The Bike Highline Meran/o links up with the pastures on the Nörderberg mountain, permitting cyclists to cross it at an altitude of 1,450 – 1,900 m, from the west to the east and vice versa. One reaches the Bike Highline Meran/o through various Uphills, or by utilizing either the Aschbach cableway or the shuttle service. From the Bike Highline Meran/o there are various single and forest trails returning back down into the valley. The stretch between the Tablanderalm and Mauslochalm mountain pastures is technically challenging All other routes are generally accessible & do not present complications.

description to arrive at destination

From Naturns/Naturno to the parking lot "Schartegg" or "Kreuzbrünnl".

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