Attractions and Excursions
Attractions and Excursions
If you long for the mountain air and charming destinations, you will be spoiled for choice around Merano/Meran. Here are some walking and hiking tours that can be covered alone or with a mountain guide – with a detailed hiking map and suitable equipment:

Merano – Tirolo
Merano/Meran – Tiroler Steig trail – Tirolo/Dorf Tirol – Tyrol Castle – S. Pietro/St. Peter – Thurnstein Castle, descent to the Algunder Waalweg trail – Tappeinerweg trail – Merano.
Hiking time: approx. 3 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 300 m. Length: about 10 km.

Taser High Mountain Trail
From Scena/Schenna, take the Taser cable car – hike via Videgg to the Prenn (middle station of the Hirzer cable car) – take the Hirzer cable car to Saltusio/Saltaus or the Oberkirn cable car to Verdines/Verdins.
Hiking time: approx. 2.5 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 380 m. Length: about 8.5 km. Bus connections: line 231 Merano – Scena – Verdines; line 233 Scena –Taser Cable Car; line 240 Saltusio – Merano.

Hirzer Mountain Pasture Circuit Trail

From Saltusio/Saltaus (Passeiertal Valley) take the cable car or drive to Prenn, starting point of the mountain pasture circuit trail via Gompm Alm – Mahd Alm – Hintereggalm – Hirzeralm to Klammeben.
Hiking time: approx. 3 hours and 15 minutes. Difference in altitude: 780 m. Length: 9.5 km. Bus connections: line 240 Merano – Saltusio.

Knottnkino Mountain Cinema
From the car park in Avelengo/Hafling – take path no. 16 + no. 11 to the Knottnkino, then return to the Leadneralm hut – Wurzeralm hut, descent to Avelengo.
Hiking time: approx. 6 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 800 m. Length: approx. 19 km. Bus connection: line 225 Merano – Avelengo.

Merano 2000 Circular Hike
Falzeben – path no. 14 – Zuegghütte hut – Piffing – Waidmannalm hut – Kirchsteigeralm hut – Meraner Hütte shelter – Kreuzjöchl ridge – path no. 15 – Maiseralm hut – Moschwaldalm hut – Falzeben.
Hiking time: about 3.5 to 4 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 600 m. Length: approx. 12.5 km. Bus connection: line 225 Merano – Falzeben.

Naturnser Alm Mountain Hut
Take the cable car or chairlift up the Vigiljoch mountain, then hike to the Naturnser Alm mountain hut and back to the chairlift.
Hiking time: approx. 3 to 3.5 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 240 m. Length: about 9 km. Bus connection: line 211 Merano – Lana (Lana bus stop).

Ultner Höfeweg Farm Trail: Longer Version
A circular hiking trail from Pracupola/Kuppelwies over S. Nicolò/St. Nikolaus to S. Gertrude/St. Gertraud to the ancient larch trees of the Ultental Valley and back (the walk can also be shortened, as bus connections are available).
Hiking time: approx. 5 to 5.5 hours. Difference in altitude: about 650 m. Length: 18 km. Bus connection: line 245 Merano – Ultental Valley.

Ultner Höfeweg Farm Trail: Short Version
Drive to S. Nicolò/St. Nikolaus and hike along the sunny slope into the valley on the old Ultner Höfeweg farm trail, past typical old farmhouses, to S. Gertrude/St. Gertraud and the ancient larch trees of the Ultental Valley.
Hiking time: about 3.5 to 4 hours. Difference in altitude: 400 m.

Spronser Seen Lakes
Challenging mountain hike with exposed areas, requiring good physical condition, sure-footedness and no fear of heights. Take the basket lift from Velloi/Vellau to the Leiter Alm pasture. Hike to the Leiter Alm pasture via: Hochganghaus shelter – Hochgangscharte ridge – Langsee lake – Grünsee lake – Oberkaser mountain hut – Taufenscharte ridge – Leiter Alm.
Hiking time: approx. 6.5 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 1,180 m. Length: 13 km. Bus connection: line 235 Merano – Velloi.

Spronser Seen Lakes: to Pfitscher and Kaser Lacke Lakes
Easier alternative: ascend with the cable car Tirolo/Dorf Tirol – Hochmuth to the Muthöfe farms – route no. 22 Mutkopf mountain – Jägersteig trail – Oberkaseralm mountain hut – return to the Hochmuth cable car station.
Hiking time: about 5.5 to 6 hours. Difference in altitude: approx. 830 m. Length: about 13 km. Bus connections: line 221 Merano – Tirolo; line 222 Tirolo cable car – Hochmuth cable car.

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