7/6/2024 07:30 - 09:00

Meran beWegt: Early Bird - SPECIAL

You may explore the nature with an expert who gives you useful pieces of advice about fitness. Free of charge. Registration not required.

As the day opens its eyes and the city shakes off sleep, it is time for Early Bird. The tranquillity of the moment stimulates awareness. In an informal atmosphere and in the company of those who know how an essential approach to nature can make us feel better, we take part in a movement session for body and soul.

24.02. Local toponymy with Johannes Ortner
02.03. Mindfulness with the Yoga Shiatsu Centre Merano
30.03. Rio Abierto discipline with Patrizia Gantioler and Katrin Unterhofer
20.04. Camilla Piantanida, Ratna Yoga teacher at the Yoga Meeting
18.05. Merano poetic with Astrid Fleischmann
06.07. Monika Callegaro - Voice, walk with me
31.08 Heidi Clementi - Sounds in motion

The walk is in italian and german language free of charge.
To bring along
Please wear comfortable clothes, suitable shoes and bring your own drinks.
7/6/2024 07:30 - 09:00
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