Enchanted trees
"Enchanted trees" is a project that includes music, art and the joy of nature.

Five trees, one melody, five works of art: five stations scattered among the Summer, Winter and Gilf promenades along the Passer river become places of welcome and encounter. "Enchanted trees" was created as part of the "Meran beWegt" project promoted by Merano, in which a series of walking routes are described and put into relation with the surroundings.

The musician Markus Prieth, the director of Merano's municipal gardening department, Anni Schwarz, and the artist Laura Zindaco created the "Enchanted trees" path. The idea behind it is to unite the body and mind in balance and harmony with nature.
"Enchanted trees" is a project of the municipality of Merano and the association ost west club.