Midsummer Night Rosé
Even in this very different summer, Merano does not give up on giving moments of entertainment. The longing is great: for light-heartedness and conviviality, for a return to things that once seemed ordinary, to rediscover dormant emotions and sensations. This is the inspiration for the program of summer events: elegant and with that sparkling touch, like a rosé sparkling wine.

"Midsummer Night Rosé": concert schedule 2020

21.08.  | 9 p.m. "Mainfelt" | Thermenplatz
28.07. | 9 p.m. "TriOlé & Susi" | Sandplatz
10.08. | 8.30 p.m. "Midsummer Night Rosé" | Landesfürstliche Burg
15.08. | 9 p.m. "The Homeless Band" | Thermenplatz
18.08. | 9 p.m. Open air cinema in Italian language "Abbi fede" | Thermenplatz
24.08. | 9 p.m. Open air cinema in German language "König Laurin" | Thermenplatz

Admission to the concerts is free of charge and with limited public access (due to the security regulations). Seat reservations are not possible.