The most famous floats are placed in various places in town, such as the Marling apple crown on Sandplatz, the float Kundschafter with giant grape on the Kurpromenade and the float Schloss Trauttmansdorff on Thermenplatz.

The Marlinger apple crown float, made in 1949, is the oldest of all the floats of the Meran Grape Festival. Its dimensions are remarkable: It is over five metres long, 2.20 metres wide and weighs 2.3 tonnes (of which over 500 kilos are apples).

Where: Kurpromenade near stairway

With its 300-kilogram grape, the "Kundschafter" float from Algund is one of the essential floats in the procession. The float weighs about half a tonne; it is 4.50 metres high and 1.60 metres wide. The giant float itself is one and a half meters tall. The float was first decorated in this form in 1951.

Where: Kurpromenade near "merano" logo
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