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Snow Reports South Tyrol
Snow Reports in the region of Merano and Environs in South Tyrol
Snow Reports South Tyrol

Snow Reports South Tyrol

Snow Reports in the region of Merano and Environs in South Tyrol

On this page you will find the snow reports of the ski areas in the region of Merano and Environs in South Tyrol.

Price list:
Single ride: 7,50 € without Algund/Guest Card; 7,00 € with Algund/Guest Card
Round trip: 10,50 € without Algund/Guest Card; 10,00 € with Algund/Guest Card
Children: 3,50 € single ride with or without Algund/Guest Card; 4,50 € round trip with or withoutAlgund/Guest Card

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Nature at its most splendid and invigorating

San Vigilio is just so seductive: lush, blossoming, and fragrant. Up here above Merano, the full splendour of nature in its infinite variety await you: carpets of alpine roses blossom in spring, mountain anemones, foxglove and primroses adorn the colourful Alpine meadows in summer. From the chairlift the bright blue gentian is magnificent to behold, wild orchids are in bloom beneath the little church of San Vigilio and the Black Lake is home to some wonderful rare wetland plants. The air in San Vigilio is aromatic and refreshing, full of the fragrant aroma of larch trees and mountain flowers, which renders this recreational area truly remarkable.

Lana’s local mountain harbours another treasure: within the rocky depths there lies a crystal-clear, slightly radioactive spring. Originally the spring was the main water supply for the farmhouses, holiday homes and inns of San Vigilio. It wasn’t until the 1960s that numerous scientific experiments established the high mineral quality of the water. People began to transport the water for kilometres to Merano, where it is still sold as mineral water by one of the companies belonging to the Forst Brewery. Because of its soothing and pain relieving effects, the radon water of San Vigilio has been used for cure treatments since 1972. Baths and inhalations used to be offered by the Merano spa centre and are now part of the range of treatments available at the new Merano Therme.


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Cosy and nostalgic single chair lift which takes you from 1500 metres at 1814 metres. Enjoy the ride through the beautiful larch Woods and on the way back will experience breathtaking views of the Dolomites.

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Chairlift Chairlift 1 person

Price list
Single ride : 5,50 € without Algund/Guest Card: 5,25 € with Algund/Guest Card
Round trip: 8,00 € without Guest Card; 7,50 € with Algund/Guest Card
Childeren: 3,00 € single ride with or without Algund/Guest Card; 4,00 € round trip with or without Algund/Guest Card

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Chairlift Chairlift 1 person

The chairlift ist the fastest and most convenient mode of transport between Tirolo and the centre of Merano. It starts at Monte S. Benedetto and offers wonderful panoramic views of Merano.

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Ski lift Low profile skilift

At the Kinderland the smaller ones will embrace their first skiing experience on the snow kindergarden “magic carpets” and with the help of the many ski instructor.

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The sun-soaked hiking and skiing area ofMerano 2000 is an inviting option to swap the city for the mountains, with a swift 7 minute ropeway journey that will take you right on to the sunny terrace of Merano. Award-winning architecture and sustainable mobility in one of the most modern and innovative uplift systems in the Alps: It carries 120 persons per cabin ut to an elevation of 2,000 metres - right into the heart of the skiing and hiking area.

Departure: every 15minutes.

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Difficulty diff.
Altitude alt.
Outdoor Kids Camp
0.0 km

At the Outdoor Kids Camp, directly at the summit station of the cable car, there are three moving walkways and flat, wide runs for beginners. There kids have enough possibilities to enjoy snow: skiing, playing, coasting and having fun with other children. The kids are supervised all day long at Mini Ski Club and at the ski school.

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Sled runs
Altitude alt.
sledging on the Möltner Joch
1.8 km

A toboggan hike is the right winter fun for every age.

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