Children’s Book
Every year, the Merano Spring event’s varied program includes the publication of an illustrated children’s book.

2019 | “FROM HERE TO FAR AWAY” by Noemi Vola

Imagine falling 300,000 kilometers and landing on a cactus, of all things! That is what happens to a small blue extraterrestrial, the main character of illustrated children’s book “From here to FAR AWAY”.

€ 10

2018 | “I LOST MY HEAD IN MERANO” by Alessandro Sanna

The main character of the surrealistic plot is no less a writer than Franz Kafka, who in Meran finds a sunny, mild climate and a sea of flowering plants. During a nap he dreams that he loses his head in Merano. Searching for his head, Franz Kafka then wanders through Merano, trying out various objects as a substitute for his lost head ...

Price: € 10

2017 | “COLLECTING MERANO” by Steven Guarnaccia

Ava and Otto are cousins. However, while Ava is from Rome, Otto is from Berlin. Both are passionate collectors: Ava collects the leaves of rare plants and whistles, whereas Otto is always searching for seashells, bottle caps and small reproductions of churches. They meet in Merano and decide to pursue their hobby together. The reader follows Ava and Otto through Merano, getting to know major tourist attractions like the Palais Mamming Museum and the Tappeinerweg Trail with the Gunpowder Tower.

Price: € 10

2016 | „LUCA AT THE MUSEUM” by Katrin Stangl and Michael Heinze

Luca is a small creature living with a bunch of friends in Merano’s woods. One day he falls off a tree and is found and carried off by a boy called Simon. The ensuing adventure takes Luca through picture-perfect landscapes set against a stunning backdrop of distant mountaintops: from the Gilf Promenade with its dense undergrowth and lush vegetation to the town center with its characteristic alleys.

Price: € 10

2015 | „ELEANOR AND THE EAGLE” von Harriet Russell

In this illustrated children’s book, a little girl named Eleanor journeys to Merano on the back of an eagle and explores the city. Eleanor is fascinated by the clean air and lush vegetation of Merano’s parks, the city’s beautiful surroundings and its rich traditions, and all of these things have a positive effect on her health.

Price: € 10