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Take a piece of Merano home with you!

The soulbottle "puro" was produced in Germany in a fair, sustainable and climate neutral way and is completely free of plastic and harmful substances. Every time you fill the drinking bottle at one of Merano's public fountains, you help save plastic and protect the environment.

Facts about soulbottles

  • by using soulbottles, over 6000 tonnes of plastic have already been saved
  • with the purchase of each bottle, €1 goes to drinking water projects run by Viva con Agua and Welthungerhilfe - thanks to these projects over 80,000 people already have access to clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation facilities
  • the drinking bottles are dishwasher safe & leak proof

  • Price: € 20


    Warm light, bright glow, gentle swaying in the wind. With the Cazador-del-sol®, you bring harmony and sunshine into your life - whether it shines or not, because even on dull days, the suncatcher transforms invisible light into visible light. So every glance into the garden or the balcony brings a smile to your face - because light is nourishment for the soul.

    The Cazador-del-sol® are acrylic glass elements that catch the light and emit it again. They reach their greatest potential of radiance at dawn, when the sky is overcast and at dusk. The stem material is fibreglass so that it can move in the wind.

    The raw material is of high quality with a life span of 10 years (guarantee). Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly in maintenance as only the sun and light are needed as an energy source and can withstand temperatures between -50° and +120° C.

    A set of 3 (red, yellow and yellow with brand merano), diameter 8 cm per disc.
    Price: € 25

    Single, red or yellow, diameter 20 cm.
    Price: € 29

    Single, yellow with Brand merano, diameter 20 cm.
    Price: € 32