The Norggensteig Trail (Goblins Trail)

General description

The Norggensteig Trail in Val Passiria/Passeiertal Valley leads to a storybook world. The theme trail starts from the Sandhof farmstead (inn and Museum.Passeier), following the Gandöllenweg Trail along the Passer River and through a biotope to Auerbrücke bridge. Across the bridge and past a water wheel there’s an uphill hike to the Auerhof inn. En route, it’s worth stopping to take a look at the roadside shrine. After passing the farm, the trail leads through the woods where a lookout point yields magnificent views of San Leonardo and its surroundings. The forest trail continues into a small clearing with depictions of local fables and legends, as well as a gaming table, swings and a wooden picnic table. Passing a cave and a forest hut on the ascent through the Norggental Valley, the trail leads through a tangled forest road to the Waldfrüchte Station. Ahead lies a downhill stretch over the grass down to the water station. Continuing downhill on the tar road then on a narrow path, until the Enerpass electric power station where one can pause and contemplate the nearby apiculture and fishing theme trail. The return to the starting point is along the Passer River towards San Leonardo or on the Gandöllenweg trail.

The trail is not suitable for pushchairs.

description to arrive at destination

From Merano / Meran to the Passeier Valley in direction of Passo Rombo / Passo Giovo until S. Leonardo / St. Leonhard.

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