Romedius Pilgrim’s Trail in the Passeiertal Valley

General description

>> It's great to be walking, especially when swapping the daily grind for a holy place. <<

From Thaur to San Romedio, on the Pilgrims' trail, one cannot but marvel at the spectacle of sanctuaries, wayside shrines, breath-taking landscapes, pastures and mountain crossings. Along its 180 km length with a difference in altitude of 9,800 m, the trail leads to the sanctuary of San Romedio in Trentino, with two stages passing through the Passeiertal Valley.

Route description

Stage 1:

Entirely on foot: 8.5 hrs. / 19.1 km with a difference in altitude of 930 m – 1675 m
Section with bus (8 km): 6.5 hrs. / 12.3 km with a difference in altitude of 900 m – 1025 m

Starting at the mountain shelter, descend down the steep trail (no. 31) towards the Passeiertal Valley, until reaching the road to Timmelsjoch mountain pass (lasting about 1.5 hrs. from the mountain shelter to the Schneebergbrücke bridge bus stop). From this point, there are two possible route options. Option 1: take the bus on the road to Timmelsjoch as far as Moos/Moso. Option 2: go down the steep, narrow trail no. 31 to the Passeiertal Valley and across the Passer river before climbing up the other side to the village of Rabenstein/Corvara. Take the E5 trail along the Passer river to arrive at Moso. From here, take the path downhill to the wooden bridge, over the road and follow the signpost on trail no. 8 towards Pfelders/Plan. Proceed across the sloping meadows, passing Hotel Bruggstein (good for a break) before ascending up to Hütterwirt inn. After that, trail no. 8.24 leads up to an altitude of 1,622 m before reaching Pfelders/Plan. There are various accommodation options for an overnight stay in the village center.

Stage 2:

6 hrs. / 11.4 km with a difference in altitude of 970 m – 900

This trail is easily located. Starting from Pfelders/Plan town center, take trail no. 6 heading southwest to the Faltschnaltal Valley past the Faltschnalalm pasture and the Faltschnaljöchl ridge (at 2,417 m). On arriving at the Spronser Joch ridge, at an altitude of 2,581 m there is a breath-taking view of the Spronserseen lakes, (the largest high mountain lake plateau in Europe) in the Texelgruppe Nature Park. Descending from the Oberkaser refuge, the route divides into trails no. 6 and no. 22 / 22A (not as steep) heading to the Bockerhütte refuge at 1,628 m. When attempting this route, hikers are well advised to bring food and water for the road.

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