Hike to the Lazinser Alm Mountain Hut

General description

The Lazinser Alm is located at the end of the Pfelderertal valley at the foot of the Hohe Wilde mountain. The Lazinser Alm is a favourite hiking goal for young and old, with a wonderful location that has been left natural but is still easy to reach. The Lazinser Alm is more of a stately house than a mountain hut, where one can enjoy the summer days outdoors on their large veranda. Like at the Timmelsalm mountain hut, numerous cattle graze the pastures of the Lazinser Alm.
Difficulty: a problem-free hike in every aspect, suitable even for weaker hikers or children. Walking time from Pfelders/Plan, approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Source: Alpine farm hikes in Passeiertal valley.

Route description
From the parking lot at the entrance to the village of Pfelders/Plan (1,622 m), we follow the small access road to the village, which is closed to traffic. In the center of the village we turn left and follow a narrow asphalt road uphill. Here we turn right into the Lazins valley (signs 6 and 8). Above the village, a residential road leads us past the AVS hut "Bergheim Pfelders" into a sparse larch forest. Here the asphalt road ends and a wide forest path with a solid gravel surface begins, alternating between uphill and flat sections. We cross the bridge over the roaring Faltschnalbach stream (1,740 m) and continue steadily uphill to the Lazinser Hof farm (1,772 m), skirting the Pfelderer stream, following the wide valley floor, and continue downhill on the forest road (Merano High Road). Eventually we reach the green pastures of the Malga. A short, steep climb (20%) takes us to the slightly higher Laziner Alm (1,882 m). Return to Pfelders/Plan along the same route
Pfelders parking lot (subject to charge)
Public transport
The starting point is easy to reach with the following public connections:
With bus line 240 from Meran/Merano to Pfelders/Plan.
Good shoes, sun and rain protection
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