Hike to the Spronserseen Lakes

General description

Experiencing the fascinating high Alpine lake plateau in South Tyrol

Both challenging for the considerably steep climb as well as its duration, this hike is also worth the effort with a spectacular mountain terrain and the fascinating high Alpine lakes.


Starting point: Pfelders/Plan

Endpoint: Pfelders/Plan

Refreshment stop: Faltschnalalm mountain hut, Lazinser Alm pasture, Lazins/Lazines

Route description

Start out southwest to Lazins/Lazines from the Plan car park passing above the tennis courts after 500 m. Turn left and head through the forest over the road south to Faltschnalalm pasture (6).

Coming into the valley from the Faltschnalalm pasture (initially southeast, then south) follow the stream and rise above the valley. Cross the torrent to the steep slope to the right (southwest) up to the Faltschnaljöchl ridge. Continue south before eventually reaching Spronser Joch ridge some 170 m higher up (6).

100 m downhill (southeast) from Spronser Joch ridge, there is lake Schiefersee. Circling it to the left descend another 150 m to arrive at lake Grünsee (6). Another 40 m climb leads to the last of the 3 lakes, Langsee (22).

From Langsee return down to nearby lake Grünsee (22), then back up to Schiefersee and back to Spronser Joch ridge (6).

Northwest from Spronser Joch, go down first to Faltschnaljöchl ridge at the crossing (6) and then straight down over the mountain ridge to Schaferhütte hut (Zielhütte). Then continue downhill on the right side of the valley to reach Bockhütte hut in the Lazinsertal Valley. From Bockhütte proceed northwest first on the right bank then on the left bank of the torrent down into the valley as far as Lazinser Alm pasture at the valley bottom (42).

Follow the road on the right slope of the valley down northeast to Pfelders/ Plan (8).


Source: "Wanderführer Passeiertal " - Heinz Widmann

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of Timmelsjoch Mountain Pass until Pfelders/Plan.

Public transport
The starting point is easy to reach with the following public connections:
With bus line 240 from Meran/Merano to Pfelders/Plan.
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