Snowshoe Hiking in the Sailer Tal/Valle Sailer & Wanser Tal/Valle Wanser Valleys

General description

Avalanche risk: Between Sailerhof farm and the ascent to Seebergalm mountain hut there is the risk of avalanche in conditions of abundant snow. Caution must also be exercised on the final section of the descent to the Wanser Bach torrent!

Refreshment stop: Auerhof inn

Route description

From the Auerhof inn parking lot head east on the left hand side of the torrent next to the cross-country ski trail leading to the Sailerhof farm. Following the trail through the Sailertal Valley for about 20 mins, cross over to the left bank of the torrent just before the end of the forest. From there head north along the forest path climbing up to the Seebergalm mountain hut at 1,710 m (inoperative in winter) and continue the ascent of about 300 m as far as Seeberg lake (at 1,742 m). This pristine and tranquil snow-covered landscape is the perfect place for a stop. Continue along the trail through the snow-covered forests (towards the Jägersteig trail) on the opposite side of the Wansertal Valley. After reaching the Jägerkreuz cross, the trail leads north along the forest road down into the valley and past the Wanserhof inn to the quaint Church of St. John. From there the route ends at the Auerhof inn.

Source: "Skitouren und Schneeschuhwandern in Passeier" - Pub. Verlag.Passeier


ATTENTION: Always be informed about snow conditions and avalanche risk before setting off.

Description to arrive at destination

From Meran/Merano to the Passeiertal Valley in direction of Jaufenpass Mountain Pass until Walten/Valtina.

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