Autumn short trip to Merano

Autumn short trip to Merano

What you should have experienced on your autumn weekend in Merano/Meran and why gaining a few extra kilos is to be expected.

Summer is over and you didn't find time for holidays? Don’t worry. Autumn is the better choice for an enjoyable and relaxed holiday in Merano anyway - even if it's just a short weekend trip.

In just three days, you can experience all kinds of things in and around Merano.

Walk & Stroll

Make sure you stroll beneath the Meraner Lauben arches and through the old town. Head for a relaxing walk in the autumn sun along one of the Merano promenades - the Kurpromenade , the Sommerpromenade or the Winterpromenade. All are very popular and run along the Passer river through the botanical part of the city. The most beautiful promenade in Merano is the Tappeinerweg trail. This sunny promenade offers a wonderful view over the entire city, which is bathed in a magical light in autumn. Starting from the Pulverturm tower you can even walk along the Tappeinerweg to Quarazze/Gratsch and from there along the Falknerweg trail to Tirolo/Dorf Tirol or along the Waalweg canal trail to Lagundo/Algund.

WeinKulturWeg (WineCultureTrail)

The region is known for its extensive hiking trails, which stretch from the valleys to the high summits. In autumn, a wine hike is a good idea, for example along the WeinKulturWeg in Marlengo/Marling. This four-kilometre circular trail leads along picturesque village roads via the Kellerei Meran winery and the numerous other vineyards where you can sample and buy wine.

In search of the chestnut tree

Another hike that you should definitely add to your list during your autumn holiday in Merano is the Kastanienelebnisweg Chestnut Trail in Foiana/Völlan, which is a very nice tour for the entire family. Those who walk the chestnut trail will of course also have the opportunity to enjoy chestnuts. But more on this topic later. First, let’s talk about what to do if the weather is poor.

Don’t worry about bad weather

  • If you happen to arrive on one of the days not counted amongst the 300 days of sunshine a year and the weather isn’t keeping its part of the bargain, then you need not despair in South Tyrol. After all, there are not only hiking trails but also countless cultural highlights such as the many castles and fortresses. At the top of your list should be the Schloss Tirol castle, built in the 12th century. After all, it is the most important of all Tyrolean castles and the eponym for the entire region. Here you can discover art-historical evidence from archaeological finds to contemporary history as well as the South Tyrolean State Museum of Cultural and Regional History.

  • A visit to Schloss Juval castle in Naturno/Naturns should also be included in your short trip. This medieval complex is home to the world-famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner and is also one of the six MessnerMountainMuseums. Everything here is dedicated to mountain lore, the expeditions, and of course the personal belongings of the mountaineer. For the little ones, there is a mountain animal park and for connoisseurs there are farm products, excellent wines and a farm shop.

  • A must: Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano. Where Empress Sissi once resided, today the "Touriseum" is housed - the South Tyrolean State Museum of Tourism. Like a thrilling journey through 200 years of Tyrolean tourism history, discover the castle’s 80 garden landscapes, which are certainly amongst the most beautiful in the whole world (you should also have a look at them in good weather!).

    After sightseeing and exercise in the fresh air, make time to enjoy the culinary delights. Especially in autumn, everything in the province is available in excess. This is the time of year for harvesting and for many delicacies: new wine, fresh apples, dumplings, Krapfen pastries, roasted chestnuts... and of course Törggelen, South Tyrol's fifth season.

    As part of this ancient tradition, traditional South Tyrolean dishes accompanied by sweet, unfermented grape juice (Suser) and later young wine (Nuier) are served at Buschenschank farmhouse inns and rustic inns. Read more about this here

    Culinary Tips

  • What you absolutely have to try in autumn: chestnut hearts. At K&K Kaffee König in Merano these are served along with pralines, cakes and rolls in a 100-year-old masonry. This mix of tradition and modernity is currently more hip than ever before. Small wonder. The walls of the old masonry radiate a very special energy.

  • The Restaurant Lamm Mitterwirt in the Passeiertal valley also underscores its authentic charms. In the guest room with its 18th century traditional parlour, you’ll feel as if you have been transported back to a bygone era. The original panelling creates a homely atmosphere and the selection of cuisine features a wide range of regional and seasonal autumn products.

  • The Restaurant Onkel Taa in Parcines/Partschins is truly unique spot. Karl Platino - called Uncle Taa - and his daughter Janett serve dishes especially beloved by Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph. The speciality of the house is snails that are raised with love in the garden. Don't miss the adjacent museum, because Uncle Taa is a passionate collector: 1,000 old doors, 3,000 keys and countless objects from the 18th century, plus drawings (which sometimes contain mature content) from Uncle Taa himself.

  • If you fancy visiting the Mediterranean side of Merano, you should treat yourself to a pizza at Pizzeria 357 in Merano. Michelin-star award winning chef Andrea Fenoglio runs this pizzeria in addition to his restaurant Sissi. Highly recommended: “Peperoni e acciughe", "Puttanesca" and "Ricorda la norma."

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Autumn events
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