Colourful Happiness.
They do not want to miss anything. They do not want to hide any longer. Crocuses are the first ones to peak out from underneath the banks of melting snow. Slowly but surely, they stretch out their white and purple flowers, piercing through the damp meadows. It is one of the most fascinating moments of the year: when, after months of sleep, nature defies the frost and comes alive again. Amid the chestnut groves, the invigorating water wells by Sebastian Kneipp slowly unfreeze. Lime trees lure you in with their sweet-scented perfume; and with you flock the bumblebees. “Lana in Bloom”, a festival entirely devoted to blossoms, flowers and herbs, awaits you in Lana, Völlan, Mount Vigiljoch, Tscherms, Burgstall and Gargazon. Renowned chefs of magic gather to cook nature and expand your knowledge of herbs. When the last petals fall, you know it is time for plump, shiny fruits to be picked, for autumn to supersede.
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